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Proven to boost critical reading skills and captivate students

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Based on the science of reading, Boost Reading motivates all students to become confident readers in as little as 30 minutes a week.

The challenge

Help students catch up, for good.

Even before the pandemic, students weren’t reading proficiently—and haven’t been for decades. Offset the impact of COVID disruption. Get students back on track for good.


A fun digital reading tutor for every student

Adapting to each reader’s unique needs across 13 skill areas, Boost Reading doesn’t require teachers to intervene. Boost Reading is built for this moment, providing differentiated, enriching support every step of the way.


Captivating instruction that keeps all students playing and motivated to learn

Boost Reading is designed to authentically motivate young readers, giving every student dynamic content that keeps them coming back for more.

Comprehension processes

The missing link between decoding and comprehension

Boost Reading is the only program that focuses on the things we do while we’re reading that allow us to make sense of text—also known as comprehension processes. This approach is proven to work for beginners, struggling readers, and English learners.


Stay on the same page

Detailed, easy-to-use reporting helps inform instruction and identify opportunities for encouragement, celebration, and connection among teachers, students, and caregivers.

  • Class summary

  • Detailed reporting

  • Student detail view

  • Admin reports

  • Real-time support chat

  • Teacher guide

  • Resource library

Proven to accelerate growth in as little as 30 minutes a week

Reducing the achievement gap for English Learners

Built on the latest research

Boost Reading is designed for this moment. Give your students the boost they deserve.