Amplify Boost Close Reading

Inspire students to read closely with an interactive graphic novel

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Based on a riveting storyline middle schoolers will love, Boost Close Reading (formerly Amplify Close Reading) helps students find deeper meaning in texts by teaching them to question everything they read.

The challenge

Catch students up by giving them a reason to tackle complex texts

This past year many middle school students have missed out on critical instruction on how to analyze complex texts. Research suggests that students require exposure to complex texts in order to be college- and career-ready.


The Last Readers need you!

Boost Close Reading takes the form of an interactive graphic novel set in a dark future run by Machines. Throughout The Last Readers, students are enlisted to save reading—and the world.

Close reading

Research-based method for accelerating close reading skills

Research shows that engaging students in close reading of increasingly complex texts to gain key ideas and details increases students’ ability to deeply comprehend complex materials across the curriculum.

Interactive instruction

Give them a reason to read closely

Designed specifically for middle schoolers, Boost Close Reading inspires engagement via high-interest storytelling, choose-your-own adventure experiences, and skill-building features.


Report back, move forward

Detailed teacher dashboards display student progress, performance, and usage information, offering easy-to-access insights on areas of strength and weakness.

Help every student master close reading